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She devised a 12-week online programme, My Menopause Transformation, after years of research into what she calls untangling the menopause mayhem jigsaw. I felt great doing the programme, but how did I know that it wasnt still the HRT that was keeping the menopauses worst symptoms at bay? Now I dont eat bread or pasta at all, and my sugar cravings are firmly under control. Wendys sleep programme aimed to turn around my bodys circadian rhythm (our natural sleep/wake cycle) and I quickly learned that my 1am bedtime was far too late. On my doctors advice, I reduced my oestrogen gel to one pump a day, then one every other day until finally, after two weeks, I stopped altogether. Food recommended is based on the Mediterranean diet, and includes free-range chicken, fish and tofu.

As the programme I followed aimed to help me shift weight, it incorporated a liver cleanse. When I get them they are usually triggered by caffeine and last a few seconds. I eat my biggest meal at lunchtime, which usually features either chicken or fish and vegetables or salad. There was only one way to find out. While changing my bedtime routine and going for walks took adjustment, it was always the diet overhaul that was going to test. Scarier still, those health scares just wont go away. Before menopause I could sleep like the dead and, while HRT stopped the night sweats, it didnt stop me waking in the middle of the night with a wildly racing heart. Included in the programme is a long list of foods to eat: rarely, moderately, regularly and often. The thing the women all had in common was that their diets were very similar they featured little meat and dairy, no processed foods and an abundance of fruit and vegetables. A gruelling workout can result in cortisol levels soaring, leading to a bad nights sleep and no chance of recovery for those poor, overworked muscles.

This method is said to lower heart rate, get you quickly back to sleep and train the body out of thinking your bladder needs emptying. The reason for this is that wheat inflames the small intestine and reduces the amount of vitamins and minerals that are absorbed from food. If we can keep our body core temperature low at bedtime, it means our thyroid and pituitary glands dont have to leap into action during a hot flush yet another thing that tampers with the production of melatonin. I started taking HRT aged. And it gets worse: I also carry little bags of nuts and dried fruit around with me to snack. When I started my cold showers, I only managed five seconds. Ive become one of them. Another reason for the early nights is that, on the programme, we are encouraged to start every day with a walk. (Stock image) But the big question is whether following the programme made me feel brave enough to come off my HRT? Dr Wendy Sweet is a former intensive care nurse who worked in New Zealand.

She told me, when she was over in London delivering a lecture. (Stock image) Out went the breakfast cereals, the crisps, the wine gums and the Diet Coke. Dr Wendy Sweet started out as an intensive care nurse in New Zealand before training and lecturing in sport, health and nutrition. Claudia Connell (right) tried out former intensive care nurse Dr Wendy Sweet's (left) 12-week plan aimed at reducing menopause symptoms. On Wendys plan, I quit my box-set binge habit and headed to bed at 10pm. Im about to enter my fourth HRT-free week and, so far, I havent needed to break into my emergency supply.

Claudia was also required to have a cold shower before bed - something she says she is still not used to - and to cut meat from her diet. I kept reading all these stories about being fabulous at 50 and thinking: Why am I not fabulous at 50?! A study by the American Journal of Clinic Nutrition discovered that those who followed the Mediterranean diet experienced a 20 per cent reduction in hot flushes. Wendy based her diet plan on the Mediterranean diet, but with a few tweaks for menopausal women. I felt genuinely anxious and requested another prescription just in case.


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When it comes to alcohol, Ill have a white wine when the mood takes me, but I can happily go days without drinking. In order to not get overwhelmed, I whittled that down to my own shortlist of food I liked and made my choices from there. Wendy also wanted me to cut out beef, which is reported to make the body more acidic. The golden rule was that I had to start every day with the juice of one fresh lemon to cleanse the liver, which may sound daft when youre trying to reduce acid, but lemons turn alkaline when they enter the body. Wendy encourages participants to aim for at least an 80/20 rule on her programme if youre following the rules 80 per cent of the time, youre not doing badly. Despite upping my exercise regime, I had piled on weight, my knees hurt, I couldnt sleep and I felt and looked awful. Wendy prefers mineral water, but I went for the good old tap variety. Yes, thats right, like some archaic boarding school ritual, the programme calls for cold showers before bed. After seven weeks of dithering on the programme, I bit the bullet and consulted my GP about tapering off.

Its important to leave sunglasses off for about 15 minutes in morning light, and even if its not sunny, natural light will still stimulate melatonin production. Its not a problem I was ever likely to have, but menopausal women who follow punishing workout regimes could be making their symptoms worse. Now Ive built up to 15 and have to report that neer a hot sweat has troubled my cotton sheets in two months. During the 12-week programme, exercise is gentle (with walking, cycling and swimming recommended) and designed to be healing and not harming. One freezing January morning on my way to work, a particularly bad hot flush led me to open a window on the bus. I started the diet overhaul with gusto by throwing all sugary and processed foods into a bin bag.

As if being menopausal wasnt challenging enough, for those taking hormone replacement therapy, its an even more worrying time. We also start to secrete melatonin (the sleep hormone) at 9pm and our bodies need darkness to do this efficiently not, like me, to be in front of the TV with a main light. When devising her food plan, Wendy studied the diets of women living in so called Blue Zones areas in the world where people live longer and suffer fewer medical conditions. As a tea guzzler, the bad news was that dairy was out, too. And now the big news: after three months on the diet, my stomach has deflated like you wouldnt believe. The night sweats have not returned thank goodness all those cold showers werent in vain! Production problems mean there is a national, and worsening, shortage of HRT, with some women trying to source their medication overseas at a huge cost, and the Government imposing an export ban on the stuff.

Wendy believes uninterrupted sleep is key, meaning those 4am trips to the loo had to stop, so I stopped drinking liquids from 8pm. After three months I can report, Ive become an early-night convert and find my body springs into life naturally at around 6am. At the start of the programme, I was using two pumps of oestrogen gel, rubbed into my arm daily. (Stock image) Many women on the programme start their day with a green juice, but I knew that juicing would be a road to failure. Lower progesterone levels lead to water retention, so the diet plan called for two litres of water a day. Just as Shirley Conran famously once said that lifes too short to stuff a mushroom, I believe its also too short to peel and blend a kiwi. The melatonin we need to sleep well is stimulated via sunlight hitting our retinas, which means my habit of swanning around in sunglasses like some B-list movie star wasnt doing me any good.

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I aim for 20 minutes of brisk (sunglasses-free) walking, but I admit I only do it in the pouring rain at weekends. Osteoporosis is linked to highly acidic diets. After a week, I noticed hot flushes creeping back, love toxic claudias dreamlight but with nothing like the ferocious intensity I had experienced pre-HRT. Afterwards Claudia said that she is no longer reliant on HRT pills and, although her menopause symptoms come back, they are no where near as strong as before. In other words, the foods she advocates have a low glycaemic level as well as being low acidity.